We are thrilled to announce the newest spray tan system to have entered the UK market, The Aura Allure.

Used in demonstration only – Still supplied with 2 year Manufacturer Warranty


Allure turbine
flexible hose
gun/cup assembly
spare filter
spare cup seal
spare pick-up tube
instruction manual
Suntana’s famous 5 (5 x 250ml spray tan solutions)

Description – The unit has a gorgeous black glossy finish which is accentuated by a metallic bronze band around its circumference. Smooth rounded corners give it a sleek contemporary look.

On top, the handle is descretly hidden so as not to spoil its svelte shape. a generous space in front of the handle (to allow for those finger nails!) enables the user to pull the handle out for carrying, very clever!.

On-board storage is facilitated by a purpose made cup holder behind the handle. the gun sits snugly in this when not in use

The on/off dial is simple but functional and ergonomically sculptured in keeping with the overall shape of the unit. The power cord is neatly wound around the specially designed base with an ingenious ‘grommet’ system holding the entire cord in place.

The gun is comfortable to hold. A simple flow adjuster behind the trigger allows the user to compensate for different solution viscosities. The cup has a sensible 200ml capacity. The hose is made from a flexible low-memory material, is a reasonable length and has a unique locking system to prevent ‘blowouts’.

Technical Specifications

230V, energy-efficient 280W turbine with no sacrifice on propulsion.

76dB ‘whisper quiet’ turbine technology

3.5m soft flexi-hose

200ml cup volume, the same height as the gun handle to enable free-standing on flat surfaces (no more spillages)

Only 1.6kg in weight

2 Year Manufacturer Warranty